To prepare the fish tank before the fish tank

Filter is divided into a number of types: such as the upper filter, external filter, the bottom filter, etc.. There are two types of filters, one is physical filtration (which can be seen by the physical barrier), and the other is a biological filtration (using a bio sphere / activated carbon / biological ring… Breeding of nitrite bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, these bacteria to harmful substances formation of grass nutrients), usually filters are equipped with filtering of the two forms.

There are a variety of decoration, such as driftwood, stone, etc., in a large aquarium shop also sold, I think in Prince Edward MTR station near Tung Choi Street is the best time to buy. Wins in many shops, where prices and styles have a lot. Bought the decoration, with hot water washing, if you feel or not completely clean, and then use a brush to clean. You can also collect in the field, but you should pay attention to this:
– don’t choose the pointed stone
Decorative objects do not contain metal
– to reserve the space for the equipment

There are two kinds of water tanks: one is the sea water tank, which is a full of sea water fish, is a very high level of experience and professional knowledge, to take time and learning, but also careful to take care of, otherwise they will only live a few days! The other is fresh water tank, fresh water tank also has two kinds, it is suitable for the novice to raise.
Is a temperate freshwater cylinder is used to keep goldfish, Koi and other cold water fish, fish and aquatic plants growing at room temperature; another is tropical aquarium, the average water temperature maintained at 24 and 26 DEG C. The bigger the aquarium, the easier it is to take care of it. Because of the large amount of water, it will give the fish and water plants have enough space activities.
Place place should be in a dark place, should not be in place near the entrance, otherwise it will disturb the fish, where the direct rays of the sun, the tank will be moss, affecting the ornamental value. Near the need to have power, convenient for all kinds of equipment, the most important is to put the place where the fish tank, otherwise, when the force is not enough, they will fall down.

Heating apparatus
In Hong Kong keep tropical fish basically by heating days rarely, so no heater, but your home is west, during the summer is very hot, the aquarium thermometer measure, found that the abnormal high temperature, this problem please take care of the daily. If you need to heat the fish tank, then to calculate the amount of water, the calculation of the fish tank (liter) formula is as follows:
X width (CM) x height (CM)
One thousand
Is good after, went to the aquarium shop to select a suitable heater, a premium to one watt thermal.

Lighting lamps
Lighting lamps and lanterns on the fish tank is an indispensable thing, because the lighting lamps can give the aquarium lighting, but also to provide light to the plants for photosynthesis, provide oxygen.

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