The choice of the aquarium pump and filter system

Want to let the water tank water quality stability, fish friends are all aware of by the pumping and filtering system to complete the pumping of small water flow will cause the water flow is slow, resulting in oxygen is not enough, reach the amount of oxygen. The big words can cause the nitrification bacteria to be unable to parasitism, the influence which the reproduction and the role of the bacteria, can not reach the water quality. So the size of the pump directly affects the quality of the water, but also the key to the survival of fish.
According to the requirements of fresh water and sea water, the aquarium water is 10 to 13 per hour of fresh water cycle, the sea water cycle 13 to 15 laps around, so the choice of pump is based on the size of the aquarium to decide. And I think 60 cm of the aquarium with 15 watts, 80 cm of the aquarium with 25 watts, 100 cm of the aquarium with 30 watts, 120 cm of the aquarium with 35 watts, 150 cm with 50 watts, 200 cm with 75 WATTS, of course, here refers to the use of fish tank, not containing water.
Filter is the aquarium’s sewage treatment system, also known as the living system. It can not only filter water bait feces, aquatic bodies solid substance outside, but also to remove dissolved in water calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal ions and ammonia, nitrogen and nitrite to aquatic organisms have toxic effects of organic and inorganic substances, in addition it can also make the water decolorization, deodorization, detoxification and the aquarium in oxygen and nutrients are evenly distributed, the filtration system can be divided into two parts, filter and filter.
According to the position of the filter in the aquarium, it can be divided into the top filter, the bottom filter, the built-in filter and the external type filter. According to the working principle of the filter, it can be divided into submerged filter, trickle filter and respiratory filter.
1, the top of the filter has the advantages of smaller volume, less material, so the filtering effect is not ideal. Also because the top of the filter occupies a part of the lamp, more or less will affect the lighting effect.
2, the bottom of the filter, it can direct the bait, feces in sand out by filter filter. In addition, it can also be formed in the sand in the water, so that the bottom of the sand is not oxygen. Bottom sand in the oxygen is enough, the anaerobic bacteria can not be a large number of breeding, can slow down the end of the sand becomes black, smelly, and can make the mineral elements in the bottom of the sand flow, so that the growth of plants more lush.
3, a built-in filter, which is placed in the aquarium filters, itself is a submersible pump, the front end of the water pump is a water inlet; the rear part is a filter, water through the filter back to the aquarium. Because it occupies the inner space of the aquarium water under mechanical pressure quickly through the filter, and filter the short contact time; and due to the limitation of space, small size of the filter, filter is less, so the filtering effect is not ideal. Generally used in small aquarium.
4, external filter which is a filter placed in the bottom of the aquarium in the cabinet. In the back corner of the aquarium, a glass or two diffuse water tank, the bottom of the sink hole a hole, the water pipe will be introduced into the filter, and then filtered water from the pump to pump back into the aquarium, the aquarium excess water and then diffuse into the filter, and constantly reciprocating cycle. Due to the external filter does not occupy the space of the aquarium, so individual relatively large can accommodate more filter medium, and filter form can also be varied, so the filtering effect is more ideal. More than one meter above the large and medium-sized aquarium are using this filter. There is also a product of the external type filter barrel.
5, submerged filter barrel is equipped with a variety of efficient filter, pump will aquarium in the sewage is pumped to the filter, when the water through the filtration equipment, and then compress back aquarium.
6. The water in the aquarium is too much water in the tank. Filtration effect was significantly stronger than immersion. The drawback is that the water from the filter above the free fall, and the filter contact time is short.
7, breathing type filter with the combination of immersion and trickle type of common advantages and development. In the trickling filter filter barrel, adding a sensing controller, when water filtering barrel above drop down from the, does not immediately from the filter barrel outflow, only when the filter barrel product with a bucket of water, water pump to start, the filter bucket of water is pumped back to the aquarium and prolonging the service life of the water and filter contact time. If the intermittent reciprocating cycle, the filter effect is better than the drop flow type.

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