Simple troubleshooting of aquarium

1 water pump problem: 1 years of work in the water pump, the equivalent of 10 years of work of ordinary household electrical appliances. When the water pump can not work, the pump should be folded down, with hand brush to clean the wind leaves repeatedly. Such as abnormal sound, smell, wire aging, the connection part of the cracking, etc., should immediately stop using, and replace the new water pump.
2 the lamp is not bright: check whether the power plug is off. Check lamp starter for loosening caused by benign or damaged, please replace. The tube has one or both have the phenomenon of black, lamp to life, please change. If found the light box body burnt, please cut off the power immediately stop using, and contact with vendors.
3 heating device note: first, when the indoor temperature is higher than 20 degrees Celsius, the heating device will be cleaned up, the collection, etc.. For most of the ornamental fish, the water temperature of 26-27 is appropriate. Low temperature need regular attention to changes in water temperature, should often observe indicator at the same time, if found indicating lamp (neon bulbs) often the endless, a is electric heating wire is burnt out, control switch has attracted but due to failure of the heating and the temperature of the water to the set temperature. One possibility is that the control switch failure can not be released, the heating device has been kept to make the water temperature is high, causing fish to die, more than two cases need to be replaced by the heat exchanger. General domestic heating apparatus for the longest period of use for the two winter.

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