Regular maintenance of aquarium

Warning: for the sake of safety, please cut off aquarium maintenance related power.
1 check the water level line, water pump work to ensure that the water in the water level above.
2 keep the water tank surface clean and wipe out the surface with a wet cloth every week.
3 regular inspection and cleaning up or blocking filtration system of debris, such as the need to flush out related accessories.
4 filter equipment, F: every half a month or once a month to clean or replace; TC, TC (H) every half a year to clean or replace.
Moss bath class 5. Wall, use special tools (such as: magnetic brush brushing the wall: the use of algaecide; used in organisms, such as algae removal of algae, but also appropriate to reduce the duration of sunshine.

Simple troubleshooting of aquarium

1 water pump problem: 1 years of work in the water pump, the equivalent of 10 years of work of ordinary household electrical appliances. When the water pump can not work, the pump should be folded down, with hand brush to clean the wind leaves repeatedly. Such as abnormal sound, smell, wire aging, the connection part of the cracking, etc., should immediately stop using, and replace the new water pump.
2 the lamp is not bright: check whether the power plug is off. Check lamp starter for loosening caused by benign or damaged, please replace. The tube has one or both have the phenomenon of black, lamp to life, please change. If found the light box body burnt, please cut off the power immediately stop using, and contact with vendors.
3 heating device note: first, when the indoor temperature is higher than 20 degrees Celsius, the heating device will be cleaned up, the collection, etc.. For most of the ornamental fish, the water temperature of 26-27 is appropriate. Low temperature need regular attention to changes in water temperature, should often observe indicator at the same time, if found indicating lamp (neon bulbs) often the endless, a is electric heating wire is burnt out, control switch has attracted but due to failure of the heating and the temperature of the water to the set temperature. One possibility is that the control switch failure can not be released, the heating device has been kept to make the water temperature is high, causing fish to die, more than two cases need to be replaced by the heat exchanger. General domestic heating apparatus for the longest period of use for the two winter.

The choice of the aquarium pump and filter system

Want to let the water tank water quality stability, fish friends are all aware of by the pumping and filtering system to complete the pumping of small water flow will cause the water flow is slow, resulting in oxygen is not enough, reach the amount of oxygen. The big words can cause the nitrification bacteria to be unable to parasitism, the influence which the reproduction and the role of the bacteria, can not reach the water quality. So the size of the pump directly affects the quality of the water, but also the key to the survival of fish.
According to the requirements of fresh water and sea water, the aquarium water is 10 to 13 per hour of fresh water cycle, the sea water cycle 13 to 15 laps around, so the choice of pump is based on the size of the aquarium to decide. And I think 60 cm of the aquarium with 15 watts, 80 cm of the aquarium with 25 watts, 100 cm of the aquarium with 30 watts, 120 cm of the aquarium with 35 watts, 150 cm with 50 watts, 200 cm with 75 WATTS, of course, here refers to the use of fish tank, not containing water.
Filter is the aquarium’s sewage treatment system, also known as the living system. It can not only filter water bait feces, aquatic bodies solid substance outside, but also to remove dissolved in water calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal ions and ammonia, nitrogen and nitrite to aquatic organisms have toxic effects of organic and inorganic substances, in addition it can also make the water decolorization, deodorization, detoxification and the aquarium in oxygen and nutrients are evenly distributed, the filtration system can be divided into two parts, filter and filter.
According to the position of the filter in the aquarium, it can be divided into the top filter, the bottom filter, the built-in filter and the external type filter. According to the working principle of the filter, it can be divided into submerged filter, trickle filter and respiratory filter.
1, the top of the filter has the advantages of smaller volume, less material, so the filtering effect is not ideal. Also because the top of the filter occupies a part of the lamp, more or less will affect the lighting effect.
2, the bottom of the filter, it can direct the bait, feces in sand out by filter filter. In addition, it can also be formed in the sand in the water, so that the bottom of the sand is not oxygen. Bottom sand in the oxygen is enough, the anaerobic bacteria can not be a large number of breeding, can slow down the end of the sand becomes black, smelly, and can make the mineral elements in the bottom of the sand flow, so that the growth of plants more lush.
3, a built-in filter, which is placed in the aquarium filters, itself is a submersible pump, the front end of the water pump is a water inlet; the rear part is a filter, water through the filter back to the aquarium. Because it occupies the inner space of the aquarium water under mechanical pressure quickly through the filter, and filter the short contact time; and due to the limitation of space, small size of the filter, filter is less, so the filtering effect is not ideal. Generally used in small aquarium.
4, external filter which is a filter placed in the bottom of the aquarium in the cabinet. In the back corner of the aquarium, a glass or two diffuse water tank, the bottom of the sink hole a hole, the water pipe will be introduced into the filter, and then filtered water from the pump to pump back into the aquarium, the aquarium excess water and then diffuse into the filter, and constantly reciprocating cycle. Due to the external filter does not occupy the space of the aquarium, so individual relatively large can accommodate more filter medium, and filter form can also be varied, so the filtering effect is more ideal. More than one meter above the large and medium-sized aquarium are using this filter. There is also a product of the external type filter barrel.
5, submerged filter barrel is equipped with a variety of efficient filter, pump will aquarium in the sewage is pumped to the filter, when the water through the filtration equipment, and then compress back aquarium.
6. The water in the aquarium is too much water in the tank. Filtration effect was significantly stronger than immersion. The drawback is that the water from the filter above the free fall, and the filter contact time is short.
7, breathing type filter with the combination of immersion and trickle type of common advantages and development. In the trickling filter filter barrel, adding a sensing controller, when water filtering barrel above drop down from the, does not immediately from the filter barrel outflow, only when the filter barrel product with a bucket of water, water pump to start, the filter bucket of water is pumped back to the aquarium and prolonging the service life of the water and filter contact time. If the intermittent reciprocating cycle, the filter effect is better than the drop flow type.

To prepare the fish tank before the fish tank

Filter is divided into a number of types: such as the upper filter, external filter, the bottom filter, etc.. There are two types of filters, one is physical filtration (which can be seen by the physical barrier), and the other is a biological filtration (using a bio sphere / activated carbon / biological ring… Breeding of nitrite bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, these bacteria to harmful substances formation of grass nutrients), usually filters are equipped with filtering of the two forms.

There are a variety of decoration, such as driftwood, stone, etc., in a large aquarium shop also sold, I think in Prince Edward MTR station near Tung Choi Street is the best time to buy. Wins in many shops, where prices and styles have a lot. Bought the decoration, with hot water washing, if you feel or not completely clean, and then use a brush to clean. You can also collect in the field, but you should pay attention to this:
– don’t choose the pointed stone
Decorative objects do not contain metal
– to reserve the space for the equipment

There are two kinds of water tanks: one is the sea water tank, which is a full of sea water fish, is a very high level of experience and professional knowledge, to take time and learning, but also careful to take care of, otherwise they will only live a few days! The other is fresh water tank, fresh water tank also has two kinds, it is suitable for the novice to raise.
Is a temperate freshwater cylinder is used to keep goldfish, Koi and other cold water fish, fish and aquatic plants growing at room temperature; another is tropical aquarium, the average water temperature maintained at 24 and 26 DEG C. The bigger the aquarium, the easier it is to take care of it. Because of the large amount of water, it will give the fish and water plants have enough space activities.
Place place should be in a dark place, should not be in place near the entrance, otherwise it will disturb the fish, where the direct rays of the sun, the tank will be moss, affecting the ornamental value. Near the need to have power, convenient for all kinds of equipment, the most important is to put the place where the fish tank, otherwise, when the force is not enough, they will fall down.

Heating apparatus
In Hong Kong keep tropical fish basically by heating days rarely, so no heater, but your home is west, during the summer is very hot, the aquarium thermometer measure, found that the abnormal high temperature, this problem please take care of the daily. If you need to heat the fish tank, then to calculate the amount of water, the calculation of the fish tank (liter) formula is as follows:
X width (CM) x height (CM)
One thousand
Is good after, went to the aquarium shop to select a suitable heater, a premium to one watt thermal.

Lighting lamps
Lighting lamps and lanterns on the fish tank is an indispensable thing, because the lighting lamps can give the aquarium lighting, but also to provide light to the plants for photosynthesis, provide oxygen.

Aquarium common sense – the location of the fish bowl

Mainly from three aspects: safety, beauty, Feng shui.

The main consideration of the bearing, if it is the old buildings, the general use of floor slab construction, is currently widely used in the construction of the floor, in the use of housing in the tank to the exact location of the floor, the best and the floor to the vertical placement, so that the floor, scattered load bearing. Residential design, the floor in the structure of the maximum load shall be 250 kg / m2 and 300 kg / square meters.
We advise:
1, as close as possible to the load-bearing wall placement, reduce torque
2, the balcony is one of the best front floor, inside placed, not on the edge of the balcony.
3, the bottom cabinet or the support to do a few more fulcrum, the force is uniform, such as not good dispersion can be in the bottom of a piece of wood under the mat.
Under normal circumstances, the use of the floor slab is placed on the floor of the body is not more than 1.5*0.6*0.6 of the cylinder, the cast in place is not more than 1.8*0.6*0.8 of the body is not required to consider the load.

With the modern sense of design and unique large-scale marine fish tank, we have brought a fresh and beautiful environment. Located in Hangzhou bustling financial and Commercial Street Enjoyor hotel in 3F restaurant and 16F conference room were placed large ecological aquarium, lightly green, fish swim, make the person as if exposure to the underwater world, rich natural flavor and food and beverage to nostalgia. Also in Shanghai Jiulong hotel in the hall also placed a large dragon fish ecological cylinder, in the cylinder of the nine dragon to the hotel graces many. In Kaohsiung in Taiwan, there is a to sea world theme of the restaurant, the whole restaurant blue tone, a whole row of aquarium occupy the entire store, looked up and winding transparent aquarium cross the ceiling, the fish swim. Stars little lights dotted with, the scene is very charming.
In the modern style decoration of the family, if a cylinder vitality of fish reared in the living room, not only icing on the cake for the home, the family atmosphere is lively, gossip watch their leisurely and carefree swimming posture, nerve relaxation effect.

Feng shui:
“Book of changes” pointed out: “moistens everything Mo run almost water”, in the Feng Shui tanks is regarded as a complement of tools, luck turned for flat Shun Shun, mood is also more enjoyable. Chinese people like fish, from the traditional folk to give it a symbol of good luck. Put the fish tank has the following points need to pay attention to:
A, the tank should not be too large, too large tank can store too much water, from the point of view of Feng Shui, water is important, too much is not and tank higher than adult stood up when the eye position is too high, so the fish tank in the living room should not be too big too high, especially for small size living room is more appropriate.
B, the tank should not be placed on the Kyrgyz side; any house could not perfect, there is always outside the evil and the like, with the fish tank to resolve evil spirit is one of the clever way. Feng Shui has “allocation of water into the zero church” argument, the so-called “zero church” is refers to the loss of a decline, its meaning is refers to the water into the loss of transport in the range, can turn misfortune for auspicious, good luck. Therefore, the tank should be placed in the fierce side, but should not be placed in kyrgyzstan.
C, aquarium never placed behind the sofa: from the point of view of Feng Shui, with water to do behind the backing is not appropriate, because the water is uncertain, lean as a patron, hard to get stable. So put the fish tank behind the sofa, a day and the size of the daily sitting there, they will not be reliable, affecting the stability of the house. And if you put the fish tank on the sofa next to the house is not in the water.
D, aquarium never stove and conflict: fish tank water, and the kitchen stove belongs to fire, because “water” and “fire”, therefore the living room fish tank if the kitchen stove and formation in a straight line, which has made water and fire conflict with the bogey.
E, aquarium never placed beneath the God of wealth: as the saying goes so-called “money money”, so fukurokuju Samsung the God of wealth should be placed in the flourishing of money, which only the icing on the cake. If the wealth on display in the aquarium, is completely mistaken. Because the tank should be placed in the fierce domestic side, if the wealth is placed in the vicinity of the tank, which will be with the “money money” the principle of contradiction.
Tank placed position in Feng Shui have stress, not lump together. But ordinary think tank should be placed in the living room, study room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, should not be placed on the porch, bathroom. At the same time, according to the actual situation should be set to the actual situation, should try to choose the place of air circulation, good lighting.