Aquarium Life

Warning: for the sake of safety, please cut off aquarium maintenance related power.1 check the water level line, water pump work to ensure that the water in the water level above.2 keep the water tank surface clean and wipe out the surface with a wet cloth every week.3 regular inspection and cleaning up or blocking continue reading
1 water pump problem: 1 years of work in the water pump, the equivalent of 10 years of work of ordinary household electrical appliances. When the water pump can not work, the pump should be folded down, with hand brush to clean the wind leaves repeatedly. Such as abnormal sound, smell, wire aging, the connection continue reading
Want to let the water tank water quality stability, fish friends are all aware of by the pumping and filtering system to complete the pumping of small water flow will cause the water flow is slow, resulting in oxygen is not enough, reach the amount of oxygen. The big words can cause the nitrification bacteria continue reading
FilterFilter is divided into a number of types: such as the upper filter, external filter, the bottom filter, etc.. There are two types of filters, one is physical filtration (which can be seen by the physical barrier), and the other is a biological filtration (using a bio sphere / activated carbon / biological ring... Breeding continue reading